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    Wait But WhyTim Urban4/14/2159 min
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    Wait But Why
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    • stphac1 year ago

      Only why it's not a 10-recommendation is that it's a REALLY long read and probably not for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it though.

      I've saved his response to “If you had power to dictate what should be taught in schools—things that everyone had to master before they get to enter adulthood—what would you add to the curriculum?” to a personal notebook.

      I want to learn more about what Tim's plans/goals are with his book. I am fascinated by the strategy Matthew Butterick pursued with his online books (link below). I've made a mental note to self that if I were to ever consider 'publishing' something, that I'd assess if Matthew Butterick's approach would be appropriate.

      Looks like Readup's thesis is very much in line: https://practicaltypography.com/why-you-should-pay.html

      "Was it worth your time as a reader?

      Because your time is expensive too. This is a fact often overlooked in debates about how much a digital book should cost. Reading a book is a big undertaking. What you spend to buy a book—whether $5 or $50—is small compared to the hours you’ll spend reading it. Every great book is underpriced; no bad book is cheap enough. So to minimize your risk, you don’t have to pay before you read this book.

      But that doesn’t mean the book is free. If you like the book, I’m relying on you—yes, you, not the guy over there—to help sustain the effort. I want you to enjoy the book, learn from the book, but also support the book. If it was worth your time, please pay for it. See how to pay for this book."