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    • thorgalle
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      2 years ago

      Just one on the many Belgian and Finland-Swedish articles I’ve read about the ongoing events in Ukraine today. This situation sure is super serious. Horrible. I dearly hope it will be possible to contain the conflict, if not repell it, and that it won’t expand. I hope Ukrainian citizens get the aid they need. In any case, the whole of Europe is up for economic impacts, and a bad relation with Russia that might linger as much COVID will... It’s also extra significant for Finland, where I reside. It neighbors Russia, and is not part of NATO either (but it is a EU member). This had me research European defense structures for a while… So unnecessary :(

      1. Update (2/24/2022):

        I realize this article is useless for most Readup readers, reading local news seemed appropriate now. I’d encourage all anglophones to read up on the situation with Readup, and to post good articles! It’s an important scouting opportunity.