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    • SEnkey2 years ago

      I'm not sure I'm won over to the idea of ending the filibuster. But I do think that the senate needs reforms to encourage it to actually debate and flesh out ideas. Some of these arguments were persuasive to me than others which I'm sure was the point. In the end I'm open to the idea, but as he said I don't think it will solve most of our problems.

      The discussion around DC and Puerto Rican statehood is interesting. Only recently has Puerto Rico even voted in favor of becoming a state. The 2012 and I believe 2016 GOP platform included adding Puerto Rico as a state if (and then 'since') the territory voted in favor of it. So if the GOP rank and file, the Democrats, and the Puerto Ricans are all on board I don't see why we wouldn't. He may be over inflating the opposition there.

      DC on the other hand I do think is different. DC is a creature of it's own but is also highly dependent on the federal government it hosts. I'm not sure create a state entity there would be good idea, it makes me think of District 1 in the Hunger Games. But I could be wrong.