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    • bartadamley
      1 year ago

      Highly recommend reading Balaji’s “The Network State” as a precursor to this.

      However, reading Vitalik’s response is just as informative as that text.. all be it in lighter form.

      This whole idea of people coming together virtually alligned around one goal in particularly… deciding on collective values from there is very interesting to me.

      Now the transition of being merely a network —> to becoming a state is still a bit foggy to me. But I do appreciate Balaji going through that thought experiment in his text.

      Clearly, we are all spending more time online than ever.. and there’s this really strange, yet powerful phenomena of these internet tribes essentially gathering in physical spaces. Crypto Conferences such as (ETHDENVER) & Comic-Cons are wonderful examples of this.

      My question from here is when does your network decide to throw down on a physical meeting space?

      Balaji states that there is an easily identifiable founder for your online community but I’d side with Vitalik on noting it’s not the importance of one sole individual…

      But instead a group of 5-10 people that really give a shit about what it is you are building together.

      Regardless, the next 5 years are about to feel like 50 years. And the more you start to see “networks” everywhere manifesting more & more into the physical world… the more you realize the craziness/excitement we are headed towards.

      Link to Network State GoodReads page.