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    • Jessica3 years ago

      The victims' families must have been in so much pain over the decades and feel a strong need for closure. And to think that Evertsson is being charged for "disturbing" the site after the documentary footage showed another story... feels wonky to me.

    • TripleG
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      3 years ago

      Disturbing. Trust no one!

    • thorgalle
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      3 years ago

      This was very tragic, and with the discovery of this hole I can’t help assuming a cover-up either. Seems to be something that would have been hard to miss on the initial investigations.

      I listened to a Swedish podcast once with a survivor where she retold the tale of her escape and rescue, and how she picked up her life after (or tried to). Absolutely horrifying, scenes from Titanic jump to mind, but then more stormy. Her sister and friend also died there, probably in their cabin…

      At 1.50am the Estonia sank, stern first, in international waters about 40km south-southeast of the Finnish island of Utö

      I’m cycling around the Turku archipelago now, and I happen to be jumping on a ferry there right now! There is an Estonia memorial here. I hope the deceased can rest in peace, and that survivors get full clarity soon.

      • SEnkey3 years ago

        That is wild.

    • Florian3 years ago

      Why the fuck would they want to pour concrete over it? This is infuriating. Clearly a coverup.