1. You must read the article before you can comment on it.
    • jeff
      10 months ago

      This article is a travesty. Virginia Sole-Smith is making a career out of advocating for child neglect. Promoting her in an uncritical piece like this is downright shameful.

    • Pegeen
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      10 months ago

      The United States is number one in obesity. Obesity has been proven to be our biggest health concern because the root of all the top major diseases - diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer - is obesity. I think that for Sole-Smith to say that unlimited access to sugar and processed foods is not really unhealthy is insane and irresponsible. We develop the number of our fat cells when we are young and they do not go away. They can only shrink and expand. Having overweight children IS a detrimental start in life on all fronts - physical, psychological and social. Fat shaming is totally wrong but don’t let it fool you into thinking that obesity is okay. Sugar is a drug and as addictive as heroine. And as hard to quit. We ARE animals and there is no obesity in the wild. We need to be wild and free.

      • dane10 months ago

        Yeah, this article is bonkers and reads like someone trying to justify their own obesity by bucketing whats wrong with it into an emotional basket of "fatphobia" and feelings of prejudice.

        If I wanted to waste some time I could write the same article about cigarette smoking. When I finally let go and just smoked as many cigs as I wanted, it was "incredibly liberating". I mean come on, there is a reason there is a stigma around smoking now and its because it's unhealthy.

        You shouldn't stop stressing about how often your 2 year old eats french fries. You are literally defining that childs habits for the rest of their life. Do you want to make it harder on them because it's easier on you?

        Vegetables are the least important part of it to me,” she says. “They have their whole lives to decide if they want to eat kale.”

        Wow. Let me guess, climate change is a farce too?