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    • Jessica2 years ago

      FOMO must be related to the speed at which we operate nowadays. Some days I feel like I’m just not fast or efficient enough at whatever I’m doing, whether it be at work, responding to texts/emails, not watching the same viral videos that everyone else is, not trying that new flavor of ice cream at Trader Joe’s that’s flying off the shelves… and then the FOMO can creep in. But the reality is that we can only do one thing at a time. Missing out is a part of living… we only have so many hours in a day and so many days in our lives. We choose what to participate in, and the peace comes with believing that we made a good choice for ourselves.

      “People are asking me, ‘Do you think I should make a plan for every single weekend?’ There’s so much hedging of bets over July and August people are struggling to commit. The options feel limitless even though they’re just what they were before — which is mediocre.”

      I used to think I was a boring person, especially for my age, for not having elaborate, imaginative weekend plans. I get the sense that there’s an urgency to go out and “make up” for all the weekends we “lost” to partake in activities that we never quite enjoyed. I feel like just taking the time we have for ourselves to ourselves is the kindest thing we can do. If that means getting out there and planning an incredible gathering, go for it! For me, it’s usually a quiet day inside or savoring the feeling of my feet hitting the dirt in the mountains nearby.

    • mylavask2 years ago

      You need to practice at home first before going out...