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    • Alexa2 years ago

      I dig this but have SUCH mixed feelings on it.

      I'm a very femme person so heck yea I am here for empowering those who want to rock a winged liner, bold lip, or delightfully slooty outfit but…

      …at what point are we self-policing sexist beauty culture ideals that were developed to keep women in red-lipped subservience or diminutive roles? If you want plastic surgery cool, but also…it's reinforcing specific beauty ideals for the rest of women who now are being sold these visions. and they aren't cheap.

      I"m SO torn. I want to wear fun, scandalous outfits and still be taken seriously or acknowledged for my intelligence, but can you REALLY dismantle the patriarchy/capitalism when you're dropping 1,000s on lip fillers or outfits that seem to (realistically) prioritize the male gaze? idfk.

      Help. idk. girl power vs "if I get botox everyone else will feel like aging is bad too" feels over here hahaha