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    • chrissetiana
      Top reader of all time
      2 years ago

      Emotions of all kinds have long been found to jump between people through a number of mechanisms.

      Hence the phrase “stay away from bad vibes”. Because emotions / vibes : energies are indeed contagious

    • Jessica2 years ago

      I appreciated this article! Great advice here. There are so many reasons to prioritize our emotional health. Happiness and unhappiness are both contagious.

      In a 2019 study, researchers found that anger spreading around a workplace was correlated with more mistakes and accidents on the job.

    • thorgalle
      2 years ago

      Some good & grounded advice!

      Helping another person be happy is not straightforward. Saying, “Cheer up!” for example—what psychologists call “reframing”—is usually counterproductive. Much better to get the unhappy person to engage in an activity that you know she likes.

      Even if you ordinarily enjoy riding your bike, when you are sad or depressed, it can seem like a chore. But if a friend shows up for a spontaneous ride, you might just say yes—and be more likely to enjoy it.

      I recognize this so much! Doing improves a bad mood. Not thinking or planning. But there's so much friction to do stuff while in a bad mood.

      • Jessica2 years ago

        Same! I really appreciate how Brooks also emphasized the spontaneity of the activity. Sometimes, having a plan and then deviating from that plan can further amplify the difficult emotions.