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    • sjwoo2 years ago

      I wrote my first novel in two years, writing an hour in the morning. I didn't want to wake up earlier, so I asked my boss if it was OK to come in an hour later and work an hour later. She was fine with it.

      I tried to put in a few more hours on the weekends, and on some days I succeeded, but by and large I failed. And yet even working an hour a day for two years, when all I could eek out was maybe half a page...365x2x0.5 = 365pp.

      That's a book. And that is the power of persistence, however slow it may be...

      • thorgalle
        Top reader this week
        2 years ago

        Great example! A take-away from this article: consistently taking a time that seems too short to achieve anything meaningful, and filling that with work that counts towards a larger goal, eventually makes you reach that goal.

        I guess it also works for reading books. 10 pages a day results in 10-20 books a year.

    • dennispipper2 years ago

      It’s got some good insights, I just don’t like the interview format of an article.

    • bill
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      2 years ago


      This calmed me a bit.

    • Jessica2 years ago

      So I think the reason that we seek distraction is that working on stuff that we care about is often scary. It brings us into contact with all the ways in which we’re limited—our talents might not be up to what we’re trying to do, and we can’t control how things will unfold.

      This is a refreshing perspective on fear. “Working on stuff we care about is often scary”—so much resonance in that phrase for me. A great short read.

      • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

        This is the same highlight that stood out here, as well.

        Brings to mind a song ~ Ask For Help ~ from one of my favorite albums of the year:

        Peace Or Love by Kings of Convenience

        Ask For Help

        If you got the will to do it But you lack the skills to do it good, aaaa Ask for help If you got a team behind you But you lack a leader inside of you, aaaa Ask for help Why is it so crucial who says, if only it gets sung? Why is it so crucial who does, if only it gets done? Done, done Wouldn't it be nice, if you win To know you couldn't have gotten there on your own? Wouldn't it be nice, if you lose To value a choir to sing the blues with you? Why is it so crucial who says, if only it gets sung? Why is it so crucial who does, if only it gets done? Done, done

        P.s. I am Obsessed with the opening track Rumours.

        P.s.s. …and the new track of same name from Lizzo and Cardi B 💫