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    The AtlanticArthur C. Brooks4/8/217 min
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    The Atlantic
    2 reads
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    • Jessica
      1 year ago

      “Go deep or go home” got a laugh out of me... sounds like something I would say.

      One of the great paradoxes of love is that our most transcendental need is for people who, in a worldly sense, we do not need at all

      • DellwoodBarker1 year ago


        If you are lucky, and work toward deepening your relationships, you’ll soon find that you have a real friend or two to whom you can pay the highest compliment: “I don’t need you—I simply love you.”

    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      💜 Excellent Read 💜

      You don’t need to have dozens of friends to be happy, and, in fact, people tend to get more selective about their friends as they age. But the number needs to be more than zero, and more than just your spouse or partner.

      my wife and I started organizing our social life specifically around conversations about more profound issues. At the risk of becoming Mr. and Mrs. Intense, we directed dinnertime chats with friends away from trivialities like vacation plans and house purchases, and toward issues of happiness, love, and spirituality. This deepened some of our friendships, and in other cases showed us that a more fulfilling relationship wasn’t going to be possible—and, thus, where to put less energy.