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    • monstertuck4 years ago

      I have personally taken to Pelotoning in hotels where the bike is offered. I can legitimately say that I have had all the feelings the author describes. Immediately after my first ride, I texted my wife and told her we needed to get one. We now use the app and both spin, run or do strength workouts multiple times a week. It makes exercise so easy when someone is telling you what to do. I really hope they succeed as a public company and continue to see success into the future. If America Ninja Warrior can do it, why not Peloton?

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScribe
        4 years ago


        I have always been a big believer in the power of community. (One of my first jobs was working for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and it had a huge impact on me.) Community is everything. I also spent a lot of my 20s doing yoga, as a student and a teacher. Although yoga and meditation are personal practices, community plays a huge role.

        Before reading this, I was pretty skeptical about Peloton, but this article (and your comment!) changed my outlook.

        However, this still really freaks me out: "Once upon a time, people went outside. [...] In the space of two generations, physical activity was recast as an organized, expensive, time-consuming pursuit of excellence instead of a routine part of daily life."

        @Monstertuck, don’t stop posting. I love everything you share on here!