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    • jeff
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      1 year ago

      Really interesting interview/debate that expands on The Repressive Politics of Emotional Intelligence.

      I definitely side with Grant for the most part. I think Emre's most concrete and pessimistic example of emotional intelligence as a corporate brainwashing tool used to extract additional labor at a lower cost doesn't negate the fact that those same tools, repurposed, are useful and empowering in other contexts, and even in general.

      So yeah, telling your overworked and underpaid employees to "tough it out" and manage their stress is not an appropriate substitute for increasing their pay or vacation time, but this is far from the only example of a stressful situation that life is going to throw at you. For all the others, and in fact even for that one, learning how to navigate them as calmly and rationally as possible is going to benefit you in the long run.