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      The final paragraph is 👌

    • deephdave
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      1 year ago

      Two things are worth giving a try in life: hope and meditation. I would love to add drugs to this list but I only write from experience and I haven’t tried narcotics yet. Last week, a reader wrote to me that she has tried meditation several times but she keeps getting distracted. I asked her, “So what is the problem?” Either she didn’t get my question or got my answer as I didn’t hear from her again. Another fellow wrote saying that he has found my past blog posts on meditation useful. I had to thank him for his positive feedback but I am sure he isn't aiming for nirvana anytime soon. There is a difference between seeking leisure and attaining mindfulness. As a consolation prize, I think masturbation is the closest our generation would get to a meditative state. Crass as it may sound, focusing on something takes a lot of effort and has to be appreciated once in a while.