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    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      This article actually works well as a synopysis of a book I recently read on the topic.

      The main take-away here is that the nordic European countries rank provably well on providing equal economic opportunity and social mobility. Living in Finland too now, I find this fascinating and inspiring. The apparent paradox, the lack of outward happy emotions, is also mentioned!

      I experienced the effects of equal opportunity too, in less dramatic ways. As a student, food and housing are very affordable. I received a public support grant for entrepreneurial activity after quitting my job, and I just had a great experience working in the fancy library Oodi, where free desks are available. Things to be thankful for!

      It is then also interesting how the writer considers the American Dream more realizable in nordic countries. From the book mentioned above, I recall an opinion of a nordic emigré in the US that saw the nordics as stifling that very dream. "Making it" might indeed be more approachable in the nordics, given work & talent, but "it" would be less grandiose than in America. For him, opportunity unconstrained by high taxes was more appealing.

    • Tarunika1 year ago

      As I read this, I am grateful to be living in Finland. It has indeed been a land of opportunities for me and has indeed kept me very happy despite it being 5000 kms away from my family.