1. You must read the article before you can comment on it.
    • Florian2 years ago

      Wow this was actually a waste of time. Disrespectful, inaccurate (or at least no proof / sources offered for absolute statements) and inappropriately oversimplified

    • vunderkind2 years ago

      This was such an embarrassingly incoherent read. May God have mercy on the author's soul.

      • Pegeen
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        2 years ago

        OMG, I agree 100%! I can’t even comment on this. I have to believe it’s a joke.

    • justinzealand2 years ago

      The author sets a tone that is derogatory towards both men and women, and attempts to speak with an air of authority that is supported by just casual observation and typical bias.

      That said, this is an interesting topic for many men who watch the pretty girls in high school flock to the dumb jocks. It seems their best hope is to use their intelligence to make lots of money to attract a stable partner.

      Curious to hear a female perspective.