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    MediumHenry Wismayer6/15/1811 min
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    24 reads
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    • caleb4 years ago

      Wow, great writing. I really enjoyed that guy.

      I have a feeling either many people will love that article, or everyone will hate it, because it kind of plays the middle.

      • joanne4 years ago

        Agreed....I kind of hated it...i'm tired of liberal bashing. Especially now, it's important that we don't get guilted toward the middle because we're too politically correct. We need some progressive thought in order to counter what's going on in this country. If we keep on inching toward the middle, the conservatives will take over and all those on the fringe will be hurt.

        • benwerd4 years ago

          Strong agree here. I find myself seething at this article; the Winston Churchill breakfast protest is more or less a straw man in the face of everything happening today. The world is on fire and we're in the midst of an international fascist resurgence. Asking people to chill out belies an enormous level of oblivious privilege at best, and is disingenuous and rooted in indifference to racism at worst.

          • caleb4 years ago

            Not sure if this applies to you, but I'll say it anway- I think when you get caught up in the daily news cycle, it can feel that way (world on fire). And then when you step back from it, it doesn't feel that way. I happen to think the former is the distortion of reality.

            • benwerd4 years ago

              I genuinely think it depends on perspective and who you are. For communities that are having families ripped apart, or ICE show up on their doorsteps, the world is definitely on fire.

              • caleb4 years ago


    • jamie4 years ago

      The question I keep coming back to is..... Does it help the cause? Are we giving the Trumpers easy pitches to 'smack outa the park' ..... When does nasty protest become more fodder for the right? Kneeling for the national anthem is a typical red meat issue for the right, why do we fall for it. Its ok to say I don't necessarily agree with that type of protest, even though I believe in the message. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Obama very aptly walked that line and got elected, Does anyone think he really became enlightened on gay rights, that his views 'evolved' .... He always knew his position, he also knew it was politically to his disadvantage to champion that cause at that time. Knee jerk right-wing bashing just emboldens the kooks. They do not listen to details or facts just headlines and we are giving them all they need. WE as smart progressives need to win elections not lose them for feel good fringe issues that alienate the less informed. Just sayin'

    • turtlebubble
      4 years ago

      I find this interesting as it relates to the alienation of the working class. I live in Brooklyn where I witness, overhear and interact with young, privileged, good intentioned people everyday who are so concerned with everyone's comfort and representation that they forget about the people whose neighborhoods they live in and whose rights they are desperate to protect. I don't care about appealing to those whose minds need to be changed, but for the large and diverse population of our country who don't have the luxury of time to stay up to date with current liberal idiosyncrasies. I fear that they will feel intimidated by the expectations of proper vocabulary and prior knowledge to participate in the conversation that they may otherwise like to be a part of.