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    • gringer3 years ago

      What I get from this: population density matters, from a personal level (i.e. cells), from a family / work level (i.e. social distancing), and from a population level.

      1. Wash your hands. When possible, cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze. When practical, clean contacted surfaces with 70% alcohol or soap & water.

      2. Where possible, keep away from "say it and spray it" distance (i.e. >1.5m). Limit close contact time with other people as much as possible. Avoid any meetings where you're forced into close quarters for half an hour or longer.

      3. Where possible, stay away from work, or places where more than a few people hang around together. Consider going outside into an open area where you can give yourself and others plenty of room. Take a vacation to a small town.

    • joanne3 years ago

      Wow, powerful information, just spoke to my sister who is in health care in Boston and her husband who is a Harvard scientist in infectious disease. Social distancing is one of the few things we can do to lower the spike. We need time and resources to lower the chances of hospital overload and lack of ventilators. We should all be vigilant without becoming neurotic. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. It sounds simple and even ridiculous but for now it’s our only option.

    • jackdille3 years ago

      Serious insight into the reality of coronavirus' pandemic spread. I'm working from home already and won't be going out any time soon it seems.

    • monstertuck3 years ago

      Appreciate the realist mentality of this article. Also enjoyed the links to many other articles, documents and sources of information. It's becoming clear that even though symptoms are relatively minor, Covid-19 is no joke. I'm personally working from home and trying to minimize social interactions as much as possible. Scary times in the US and not sure we are being as aggressive as needed. My mom and dad both around 60 work in rural Virginia. They see many clients every day and have yet to really adopt any significant precautions, which concerns me. Fingers crossed more people read this article and take it seriously.

    • jbuchana3 years ago

      Some math around the coronavirus. the article is two days old, with updates today. My company is doing nothing except wiping off door handles and such now.