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    • Kasper1 year ago

      Accidently clicked on my Readup extension and then ended up reading this post, haha! Did not know you recently made this post Thor :D Personally, I do not have time to read much anymore, way too busy living an active and healthy life ;) During my years studying philosophy from 18-22 yo, I read enough to last a few decades, what am I even doing here???

      1. Update (12/30/2022):

        More seriously though:

        • I'm not sure about reader profiles
        • ChatGPT is hilarious and amazing and terrifying and last time I checked it told me it couldn't answer about anything happening in 2022 as it's database where it collected data from ended in 2021, which I found sad. I was hoping for some interesting AI discussion on current events
        • I now try to use this platform to find the article you mention that had 'speck' in the title and was about his sailor or whatever in the sea, I cannot find it, this is frustrating and that would be my top priority to add to Readup if I had your programming skills Thor!
      2. Update (12/30/2022):

        Yes I found it and starred it to read later because I don't have time but I want to read everything. See ya!

      3. Update (12/30/2022):

        P.S. Sorry for all my clutter on this neat post with all these on topic comments

    • danielw1 year ago

      Thor, thanks for all your hard work on this. I do value the community and app and have learned a lot and gained a lot from the articles here and the discussion.

      For me, the lack of Android support and lack of a highlighting tool make Readup not viable for me as a reading tool that fits my needs. You wrote that we can use other tools alongside this one but I tried it. Switching back and forth between this app and another one every time I want to highlight something is not a workflow that works for me.

      I do think a mistake was made by gearing this towards writers. While I think your goal by doing so was laudable, your core users frequently were posting about things like Zettlekastens and active reading. This is a group of people who take reading seriously and who likely need highlighting, annotating and exporting tools for the notes they take. It seemed to me at the time that focusing on writers instead of these readers was not the right path to go.

      I hope you are successful in gaining back readers and building back up the community as well as the feature set. I will still pop my head back In here from time to time. But for now, my main reading will be on Pocket or Matter.

    • justinzealand1 year ago

      As I periodically remove unwanted notifications from my never ending stream of notifications, Readup has remained relevant for me ever since I was introduced to the platform. I think your roadmap Thor makes a lot of sense and look forward to realizing growth on the platform.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Thanks so much for your time, expertise and, most importantly, your dedication to Readup. As you mentioned, I truly have been such an ardent fan of this platform. I have personally grown from the subject matter I have read and the quality of comments within our community. I am with you Thor in not giving up. I do miss the vibrancy and excitement of our past growing community. I hope the changes and additions you are planning light the necessary fire. Wishing you the best in your new endeavor. Hope you and yours are doing well. Have a great holiday season and a joyous New Year.

    • TripleG
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      1 year ago

      Thanks for the update, Thor. It was great fun meeting you last summer. Keep up the good work.

    • KapteinB
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      1 year ago

      Thanks for another year Thor, and for all the great work you do for us. :-)