1. Not Boring by Packy McCormickPacky McCormick7/6/2021 min
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    Not Boring by Packy McCormick
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    • monstertuck3 years ago

      So much going on in this article, but I like the approach of outlining this not only as an idea but also the mechanisms behind which it would become a reality. I think it is a bit far fetched, but at the same time should that stop us from getting the 'best teachers in front of every student regardless of where they are located?'

      I do believe there is a bit lacking in terms of if this is to augment traditional schooling or if it is to rip it down and replace it entirely. There are lots of solid nuggets in here, and as someone with close ties to education and education technology, I think there are several ways this idea could be tweaked to bolster it both as a new realm for Disney and also as a way to transform education overall.