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    • jbuchana2 years ago

      It angers me when people say that they don't want Medicare for all because they don't want to pay for their neighbor's medical bills. they're so wrong and so misguided that they boil the whole situation down to their personal selfishness, ven when they'd be better off themselves with universal health care. that's OK though, they'd rather be worse off if it means they don't have to help someone else. Yes, i'm bitter on this front.

      I get Medicare since I'm on disability. If the Trumpians get their way and eliminate Medicare, with my medical needs, I will most likely literally die with the way the US healthcare system is set up. If they eliminate Social Security, which would presumably eliminate Social Security Disability as well, same result.

      Some people just don't care, and since I, and many like me, didn't have the foresight not to get sick, why should we expect help?

    • turtlebubble
      2 years ago

      Why are the costs of care so high? I really don’t get it. My husband and I have Obamacare and pay around $350/month for the two of us. Apparently that covers one well visit per year and grants us 50% off on anything else. When he went for his physical he asked if a certain kind of blood work was included. They said they didn’t know. He asked for it anyway. We got a bill that showed a breakdown wherein the doctors office billed the insurance company 2k for said labs, the insurance only “allowed” $450 of which we owe $225.. I don’t get it at all and I feel like I’m paying for nothing knowing I’m responsible for 50% of something completely abstract. I believe health care is a human right.

      • jbuchana2 years ago

        Health care is indeed a human right. I've actually gotten people so mad that they've shouted at me when I've claimed that. I just don't get it. I suppose it's the "I've got mine" mentality in ation.

    • TinaCamera2 years ago

      Jillie - I think that's the big question. Why is it so damn expensive in the first place?

      All Aussies, residents - citizen and non - have access to healthcare. It's not ambiguous in terms of explicitly defined costs. I see what's called a 'bulk billing' doctor. So my visits are free, but Medicare in Australia pays approximately $80 for each visit/consultation with that providing doctor. He (in this case) may give me a referral to see a specialist for things like a therapist or fertility specialist (in my personal experience) and Medicare covers part of the cost while I'm left to cover a possible remaining balance. (In my case, $124 subsidy to see a therapist leaving me with a balance of $75 dollars, sometimes $110 depending on the provider - or, for another example, $144 subsidy to get fert test work and $150 out of pocket - these costs are specifically associated with seeing a specialist and accepting their prices - often people choose to not see a specialist).

      Would be curious about how America can transition to more clearly defined guidelines in terms of pricing and fees.

      which includes anyone who nominally has insurance but has postponed or foregone care because they couldn't afford the copays and deductibles

      Just shocked at how many middle to income earners fit the above description for things that should be easily accessed because of how confusing the system is.