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    • thorgalle
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      4 months ago

      Inspiring, but also strangely off-putting. It's like running has been his only real purpose in life for the last two decades.

      Kipchoge’s wife and three children live a half hour away, but when in training, he’ll only see them from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning. The rest of the time he’s in camp, running 200-220 kilometres a week

      He’ll set off minutes behind the field and all those who avoid being caught by Kipchoge will earn an entry to the mass-participation race at the Paris Games


      Great read, thanks Deep!

    • deephdave
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      4 months ago

      “Rejecting that flashy life is giving me more time to concentrate and be the person I need to be,” he says. “I want (life) to be simple and work as hard as I can rather than living at a high level, driving flashy cars or airplanes. I think that can make you come down as far as performance.”