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    • Rover6 months ago

      It’s not only the man. Porn viewership among women is also increasing rapidly year on year. Not to mention women are more picky towards their partner than men, leading to increased number of lonely men. What are these men going to do? Insecurity regarding beauty standard is not for women exclusively. I think with time we’ll adapt to it. it’s better for those awkward lonely men to get the attention or love they need, doesn’t matter if it is AI, better than taken advantage of by some human.

    • KapteinB
      6 months ago

      It's an interesting topic. AI girlfriends were important characters in Her, Blade Runner 2049, and a classic episode of Futurama, while an AI boyfriend is the premise of one of the best Black Mirror episodes. But while three of those lean towards dystopian, they're all in a way less bleak than the future painted in this article.

      I'm a bit less pessimistic. Many of the men that will withdraw from the dating pool will be a good riddance, and I'm sure as these technologies become less superficial they will become popular among women too, balancing the whole thing out a bit. But the point raised about AI girlfriends becoming popular among children and the effect they might have on them is potentially worrying.

    • bartadamley
      6 months ago

      Important to know that this sorta thing is out there online 🤷‍♂️

      The question is how do we as adults discuss this? What are the benefits & what are the negatives with this?

      Does it become TOO much of a comfort & we relegate human contact for the “perfect” AI chatbot? Or does it assist us in getting us to strike conversation with others we are attracted to?

      Interesting times we live in, as far as we relate to AI as humans. Definitely recommend this article.

      I have a feeling we are going to see more of this sorta stuff. For better & for worse 🫨

      • thorgalle
        Top reader this weekScout
        6 months ago

        Interesting find & thoughts! It sounds like “AI dating coaching” could be a more human way to apply this tech, but the apps discussed seem to be out for quicker money via instant gratification. Maybe this is something dating apps will do (or are already doing).