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    Harvard Business ReviewHolger Reisinger, Dane Fetterer10/29/2112 min
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    Harvard Business Review
    5 reads
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    • Imthedude1 year ago

      Corona shaked up the way we view traditional work life and in this article, 5000 knowledge workers from around the world was asked what they wanted from the future of their work arrangement.

      More flexibility !

      I have, first hand, experienced the changes myself working in an office 5 days a week to going into the office 1 day a week with full flexibility. Staying home allows me to fully focus on my assignments, cuts down my travel time to 0 and allows more time with my partner or on personal projects. Those who wants to work in the office are also welcome to do that. This got me to think about what people actually prefer…hence the article.

      “As the data is showing, employees want flexibility by way of autonomy and are willing to seek employment elsewhere if they’re not given it"

      This survey shows that flexibility in a workplace is more important than salary and that people are willing to change job for that perk. Imagine that! You can sell a job by allowing the employee autonomy. Thats powerful because it allows start up companies to compete with bigger companies if they create that mindset from the start and gives the employee autonomy.

      The article also describe three steps to enabling autonamy in hybrid work - which is a good guidelinee for companies.

      Adapting to this sort of setup will be the future of the workforce - and adapting to this setup could be a hiring strategy to onboard valuable canditates that can not find what they seek at companies like Apple (mentioned in the article.

      Let me know if you enjoyed the article