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    • KapteinB
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      2 months ago

      Did I just read a long article defending the worldview of Ted Kaczynski? Still, there's some wisdom in this piece, I think.

    • Walter_Sobchak3 months ago

      Really interesting dive into concepts I knew to be true but didn’t understand.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      3 months ago

      Kaczynski played the wrong game, and was trapped by it. Today, we all face similar traps. We chase numbers and icons because they’re always available, and the chase is often so immersive that it keeps us from seeing where it leads, which is often far away from what we actually want. This can lead to what the evolutionary psychologist Diana Fleischman calls “counterfeit fitness”: the constant, momentary “wins” that come with playing digital games give us a false sense of progression and accomplishment, a neurochemical high that feels like victory but is not, and which, if it becomes a habit, risks placating our ambitions to pursue true fulfilment.