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    GTTP: GetToThePoint!Steffen Wendt Andréa11/20/2112 min
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    GTTP: GetToThePoint!
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    • Imthedude10 months agoWriter

      Well. I wrote the article so its hard not to recommend it. But my agenda is to highlight and honor how Readup (and a bunch of other services) have changed the way I read articles and newsletters. Besides Readup, I also really recommend Refind and Readwise which I use daily.

      So a big thank to everyone at Readup ! We are many that support your mission <3

      Here is to an amazing 2022 for the company and the vision.

      • DellwoodBarker10 months ago


        Thanks for the heads up on other equally useful platforms.

        • Imthedude10 months agoWriter

          ❤️🙏🏻💪🏻 absolutely a pleasure ! And thanks for being part of all this 🚀

          Let me know if you need any further breakdown of the apps/services or if I can help with anything else.