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    • thorgalle3 years ago

      Good read! I wasn’t surprised about this, having read about WhatsApp metadata somewhere else on Readup before and generally not holding Facebook’s privacy practices in high regard, I was already accepting the situation. The WhatsApp debunking FAQ reached me quickly too, a friend even showed a front page ad on an Indian newspaper with the WhatsApp statement, explaining about the Business changes in broad terms.

      This article really explains the changes. Yet another way for Facebook company to make money out of their massive network and user’s personal data. What else is new. I appreciated the conversational tone of the article too!

      But by ignoring a lot of these nuances, the company’s left with hordes of people that filled this update with their own theories about what these seemingly sweeping privacy changes actually mean.

      1. Update (1/17/2021):

        This is the article on metadata I referred to. The one I read originally seems to have been (re)moved.

    • chronotope3 years ago

      When that partner gets buddied up with, say, a pizza place that wants to use WhatsApp for customer support, every message that they get asking about the status of their slice ends up in this unencrypted bucket, along with a slew of contact info about the person who put that request in.