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    Galaxy BrainCharlie Warzel8/30/2112 min
    18 reads4 comments
    Galaxy Brain
    18 reads
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    • chronotope1 year ago

      (Aside: This is a fantastic example of just how warped our conceptions of work have become. Only in a truly broken system could working the agreed upon hours be reframed as erecting a rigid, dangerous set of boundaries.)

      • SEnkey9 months ago

        I worked for a charter school in Arizona as a school director. The new district director refused to see me during regular hours. I once went to his office and waited for five hours to NOT see him.

        One day he got upset by my lack of commitment ( I got to work at seven and left between five and six each night always taking work home with me). So he told me to be at his office at 6:15 the next morning.

        There he told me that he expected my phone to be on at all hours and the weekend. He told me I was salary and was expected to act like it. This job paid $50k. That's it.

        What an asshole.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      1 year ago

      Accurate, but also kinda old news. A lot of us have been having this conversation for well over a decade. And there are several typos in here.

      Part of me wonders if Warzel banged this out in 15 minutes while working on something else more important.

      • thorgalle
        Top reader this weekScoutScribe
        9 months ago

        Lol, typos should be no reason to fire that newsletter from your inbox?

        I’m late to this party. Reminds of the more recent /r/antiwork AOTD.