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    Freddie deBoerFreddie deBoer9/16/2112 min
    8 reads5 comments
    Freddie deBoer
    8 reads
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    • danielw11 months ago

      The fact that the author likes Attack The Block is very telling. This piece was such a waste of time.

    • Florian11 months ago

      I’m not sure why the author took so much time to write this but it shows what’s wrong with kids these days: they don’t pay attention anymore:

      But what really gets to me is that he never actually says anything, that this incredibly dragged-out meeting between our protagonist and an intelligence that knows many important secrets takes place and yet at the end I’m no closer to understanding either the plot or the themes. “Shit is complicated”

      “Shit is complicated” is a lame excuse for being too lazy to actually understand what’s happening

      • KapteinB11 months ago

        I've watched all three films several times, paid attention and tried to follow the plot, and I think I'm with the author on this one. The Architect scene always leaves me confused. To this date, I still don't know if he's even telling the truth, or lying to confuse and manipulate Neo.

        But more confusing still is when Neo - SPOILER WARNING - at the end of the third film realises he can use his powers also outside the Matrix. Is the "real world" actually the real Matrix? If so, is "the Matrix" just a red herring to distract people from realising they're living in the real Matrix? Is the Architect in on it, or does he think he designed the real Matrix?

        • Florian11 months ago

          I agree with the open questions on the third movie and I’m curious to see if the fourth has an answer for that.

    • vunderkind11 months ago