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    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      All my relationships began as friendships. I like a slow beginning, an unfolding. This author’s idea about liking the work and reward of growing really resonates with me. It’s the key, in my opinion, to a really thriving relationship. And the idea of choosing each other over and over is wonderful - there’s expansion in that statement, the desire to continue, a willingness to discover more.

    • DellwoodBarker
      2 years ago

      Loooove this Read!

      When I looked up Donika’s email after finishing her book, I had no romantic designs. Her poems had simply moved me in such an uncommon way that I was compelled to write her a brief fan letter, something I’d never done before. From that letter, a friendship grew.

      After that first meeting, we did see each other again, but we didn’t barrel into anything, which was unusual for us both. Instead, we got to know each other slowly, over long weekends and phone conversations during which we described our respective childhoods—how as a kid in L.A., she always wanted to see her name written in the sky; how I had always felt part water creature.

      The past 48 hours internally feels incredibly healing. Like a curse cloud lingering over the past 4-5 months is lifting and a soft closure of a long blurry chapter is written now.

      Feeling immense gratitude and excitement about what comes next and reading this pours in a fresh gust of heart clearing.

      Of course, the universe has a wicked sense of humor because the morning after 48 hours of a deep internal cleanse is hilariously met with an encounter with someone you know in the community at the local coffee shop and when you say hi that lovely person introduces you to their lover who has the same name of the name you have been clearing internally and you say hi and nod and internally you say, “of course, there is that wicked sense of humor.”

      Finishing up Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, today and this quote rings so powerfully:

      “If they could make me stop loving you ~ that would be the real betrayal.”

      The Best Is Today and, Still, Is Yet To Be


    • Jessica2 years ago


      It had been a kind of safety, always knowing a little more than my partners about the limits of our love. Now that sounds lonely to me.