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    • BillEnkey2 years ago

      Blockchain is an interesting idea, and works a bit like antivirus and Linux - the open source nature of the thing is what keeps it secure. It's backwards from what we have tried so far when it comes to security. I don't see it being significant to the typical internet user until the cloud becomes a more prevalent way of storing data (which is the current trend). And even at that, probably the more openly available data (like for a video game) versus the stuff that is locked down (purchases). I don't know how significant these topics will be to the regular user in the near future. Cell phones are a good example; people don't care about how or why a phone is 3G, 4G, 4G LTE or 5G - they only care how fast the internet is and the monthly cost. The web isn't any different. The typical user doesn't care if a website is part of a LAMP stack, independently maintained by hand, HTML 5 or 6 or XML, et cetera; they only care if it works.

      I don't really see a crash coming - but I do see web techs and engineers (anything front end) doing a lot of over time for the next decade.

    • justinzealand2 years ago

      “To cut through the hype, CBS MoneyWatch spoke with tech luminary Tim O'Reilly”. Ironic given the headline is clickbait. However, when Tim speaks people listen. In this short interview Tim pokes at the blockchain/crypto bubble with some strong cautionary advice for novices looking to join the party.

      • Karenz
        2 years ago

        To me, trying to understand this is like trying to understand quantum physics. How is blockchain different than crypto? Not surprised you sourced this article, my son!!