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    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      3 years ago

      There has been ongoing unrest for a long time. Covid has just underlined it with a red pen, as has the election of a president that enjoys stirring the pot of derision and hatred. Picasso said all creation must begin with destruction. I channel my anxieties through private and group prayer, as I think the only answer will come via our hearts. We certainly cannot solve this “with the same (collective) brain that caused it.” Ego can not be our master, it must serve the greater good.

    • jbuchana3 years ago

      I'm definitely worried about violence no matter who wins the election.

      "We are in a state of civil war whenever, in more than one geographical location in the United States, it becomes commonplace for multiple non-state armed groups to fight each other with deadly force. When that is an occurrence that is common in more than one location in the country, that's a civil war."

      Civil war in this case wouldn’t be one group of states against another, it would e groups of civilians fighting, at least at first.

      "You realize that even in this horrible period for Colombia, for most of the country, this conflict was just something you saw on television. It doesn't really impact their everyday lives…. Collapse is not evenly distributed…. I'd say there's a real danger that (the U.S.) is going to see sustained political violence."

      I wonder if this means that urban areas would be worse, or just some random areas. Let’s hope we never have an opportunity to find out.