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    • jeff
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      2 years ago

      What an awesome mitigation technique! Seems like a win for all involved, including the goats.

      Ms. Malmberg, who has a master’s degree in weed science from Colorado State University, spends most of the year traveling around the West on jobs.

      I would not have guessed that a "weed science" degree from a university in Colorado was actually about the science of weeds!

    • TripleG
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      2 years ago

      Beautiful goats.

    • Florian2 years ago

      This is amazing.

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      Very cool 😎!

      At the beginning and end of every job, Ms. Malmberg asks the spirits in the area to protect her herd. She lights a ceremonial stick of tobacco and calls out to introduce herself, an intruder on the land, to the animals living there.

      With 100 acres to cover, Ms. Malmberg and her team spent a day moving the goats from one parcel to another across a highway. The police halted traffic so the animals could cross.

      The work can take longer because of on-the-ground conditions. The Carbondale mitigation project was pushed back three weeks because mudslides caused by last year’s wildfires had closed Interstate 70, the state’s main highway.