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    • bill
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      4 years ago

      I didn't think I could like Yuval any more than I already did... until I just read about his meditation habit. Really epic. This guy is already thinking big things, but I'm curious to see if he actually goes on to do big things. Regardless, he's a person(ality) to follow.

      This makes perfect sense:

      ...the younger [tech] employees had expressed concern about whether their work was contributing to a less free society, while the executives generally thought their impact was positive.

      And this is bizarro/scary:

      An Alphabet media relations manager later reached out to Mr. Harari’s team to tell him to tell me that the visit to X was not allowed to be part of this story. The request confused and then amused Mr. Harari. It is interesting, he said, that unlike politicians, tech companies do not need a free press, since they already control the means of message distribution.