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    The New York Times CompanyCharlie Warzel2/18/2111 min
    24 reads6 comments
    The New York Times Company
    24 reads
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    • danielw1 year ago

      Good method but has its limits. Doesn’t take into account human biases and the fact that a lot of the people who are following conspiracy theories are pushed that way because they do not trust traditional sources.

    • Alexa
      1 year ago

      great suggestion. I have this happen in my world a lot, most recently over doctors touting C19 misinformation. If their biggest fanbase is a conspiracy subreddit, move along lol.

      This is a common chat in my household. We all want definitive answers, "the truth", and it's become way more of a burn due to the complexities and uncertainties of covid.

      Something I learned in training as a scientist is the idea that we know nothing. Everything is a theory until proven (and even then anything can prove it wrong in a snap, just takes one conflicting study and it's out). There is no truth in science, just the currently accepted model, and holding conflicting ideas in your head like that is hard work (and also what makes humans amazing, that ability).

      idk, this is great stuff what he's advocating here, yet it takes a lot of untraining to kill our "want the truth" mojo, but worth it.

      IMHO, learn to sit with the unknowing, it pays off.

    • Banyan1 year ago

      While I often utilize lateral reading(without knowing it was called such) it was fantastic to have a clearer outline for teachers, parents and jus about everyone!

    • Florian1 year ago

      💯 90% or my social feed needs to read this. Except... I worry it’s too late

    • Nicki1 year ago

      Super helpful! In addition to implementing this advice, I’ve been thinking that we could benefit by being able to identify the structure of logical fallacies. I’ve noticed these also being heavily used in propaganda and fake news.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar1 year ago

      OKAY!! More to talk about misinformation & poor media literacy but before that, I'd always Thanks To Readup Team, especially @bill & @jeff for providing this platform. I'd better say SIFT followed by Readup's Reader. I get more investigated articles as content with opinions, stories, claims & suggestions as well.

      I've been learning this quality to be implemented in me for being a better internet user. Misinformation rides the greased algorithmic rails of powerful social media platforms and travels at velocities and in volumes that make it nearly impossible to stop. When we scroll down on any social media & unnoticeably spend hours of no use above statement has expressed it in the best way.

      The best way to learn about a source of information is to leave it and look elsewhere, a concept called lateral reading I'd not favor this, simple to understand is ''if not now then sometime later definitely'' it doesn't mean look elsewhere.