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    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      10 Read. 10 Album Masterpiece. 10 Artist & Poet With Depth.

      2021 Album Of The Year Here. In this Present Moment.

      I sincerely Hope When Smoke Rises slays at all the major awards so the Vibes and Honoring/Celebration of Grief, Release, Love Are Amplifying.

      Beautiful segment and Connection with Another Legend, Sufjan Stevens, within this read. 💓

      “I don’t want to write these songs. I don’t like these songs,” he said later that night, in a car headed to meet up with some of his Palestinian friends. “I resent everything about them and how they’ve come to be and everything that surrounds them. I hate that I had to make them.” The music remains a live wire, not a safe haven: “Just because it’s my responsibility doesn’t mean that it’s serving me.”

      At this point, he’s not even sure if he’ll ever perform them in concert. But he’s relieved to have put them into the world, if only so he might move on: “I just want young kids to come up and be like, ‘Oh, that’s what grief looks like.’ It wasn’t tucked away. It wasn’t buried.”