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    • KapteinB
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      I think I read somewhere that the Flat Earth Society was started as a debate club, based on the premise of arguing in favour of the dumbest and most thoroughly disproven viewpoint they could think of; Earth being flat. And now it's a popular fringe theory. I wonder if the same will happen with Birds Aren't Real.

    • turtlebubble8 months ago

      God tier de-escalation

    • Florian2 years ago

      In 2018, Mr. McIndoe dropped out of college and moved to Memphis. To build Birds Aren’t Real further, he created a flyer that shot to the top of Reddit. He hired an actor to portray a former C.I.A. agent who confessed to working on bird drone surveillance; the video has more than 20 million views on TikTok. He also hired actors to represent adult bird truthers in videos that spread all over Instagram.

      That’s a whole different kind of career path. I feel so old right now.

    • Alexa2 years ago

      I love this. It's such a quintessential modern american story.

      Go GenZ trolling the conspiracy nuts. I feel like this form of absurdist character performance can be very cathartic, effective art to get people thinking and seeing how bonkers things are. Big fan.

      Birds aren't real!