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    • yuppieceltcommented4 years ago
      The OutlineAustin L. Ray8/15/196 min
      The Outline

      To me this is the Tuesday of articles. I disagree with the order. But I do have a new appreciation for Thursdays. To me, and I know I'm crazy, but Monday's are the best. They get me back into a routine, and I get to be productive all over again after about 3 days of fly-by-your-pants days. (Yes Fridays are not productive because of everyone else) Oh and to me Tuesdays are at the bottom of my list along with Wednesdays I can never get the hang of Wednesdays.

      But I mostly didn't like foul language in the article.

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      The New York Times CompanyBen Dolnick5/4/195 min
      The New York Times Company

      Its a good reminder to read more. I have caught myself doing the same thing he mentioned which is just reading a chapter at a time or a a few minutes here and there. But really the best memories of reading books was when I spent every spare minute reading it because I wanted to. Luckily with books on our phones now we can do that much easier than before!