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      bookbear expressAva3/15/216 min
      bookbear express

      If you try to pretend you need nobody but yourself you’ll always be paranoid, untrusting, unwilling to let your guard down. Believe in a version of you that loves yourself, but also needs be loved by others. Then go out and find the love you deserve.

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      fs.blog12/27/136 min

      This is persuasive and I’m removing all my news emails and notifications. And... should I consider Read Up to be news? 🤔

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      Any time you’re doing something that feels productive but doesn’t directly impact your most important goal, you’re being fauxductive. That includes bingeing on just in case knowledge, as well as checking email, reading the news, trying productivity tools, organizing your desktop, etc.

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      blog.readup.comBill Loundy12/14/201 min

      Since you’ll disproportionately get feedback from people who love this or hate it, let me give some middle of the road feedback:

      I was about to delete this app because there is sooo much going on on my phone in this super digital time. But this “quest to save journalism” tag line has me thinking you guys are not evil and may deserve my support. Bravo, well done. Keep that emphasis because then it feels less like paying for another app and more like doing my small part to heal this broken world.

      Other than that, I’m here for the AOTD. I can read random articles in Pocket, which frankly has more features. But Read Up is on my phone because I have mild ADHD and need the non-distracting interface; and more importantly because I value having humans curate my article selection, so the little time I have to skim internet pieces is well spent. I also like that everyone commenting has read the piece, it makes the discussion smarter. Basically I’m here because I’m smart and I want to read smarter and read higher quality. You may want to sell users on that use case and that image of themselves.

      Small note on functionality: I almost couldn’t figure out how to comment on this article because the button to “Post” seemed like it would allow me to share this piece on social, which is not what I want. I was looking for a “comment” button scrolling up and down, then finally faced with no other buttons, I clicked this one and here we are. But that’s poor product design and a bit of friction... otherwise a great app. Hope my $0.02 is helpful. Keep going guys!

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