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      Interesting to consider how we will effectively move into a world of renewable energy. Seems like by nature renewable energy must be decentralized (many local power sources vs one giant generator). With this system, seems like the only realistic way of managing it would be on a blockchain

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      Hope we can find some ways to slow down the coming climate crisis. Not sure that this wall seems like the best idea. Loved, "It’s the equivalent of trying to sober up with a quadruple espresso, when you should never be drunk behind the wheel in the first place."

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      Interesting stuff. Hadn't really thought about the potential implications of physic's goal of a "final theory" as being applied life as well. Self organization and emergence is also really interesting stuff sure to be better understood in the coming years as the science world moves towards incorporating non-linear dynamics

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      blog.readup.comBill Loundy7/3/196 min

      Seems accurate that the current growth logic is based on "shares" of a given article/post on that medium. I think you're right that the people who will be interested in Readup will also be interested in trying to explore beyond this logic towards a media site that produces more sustenance than current platforms.

      I think the two main questions are how can individuals not on Readup be exposed to the platform as something potentially beneficial in their lives, and how can Readup become a space that facilitates real meaningful conversation about interesting articles.

      As you mentioned, a cross-posting option would be huge for exposure. An ongoing survey of user's reading habits could also be helpful not only to find trends which Readup could be helpful in addressing, but also to enable someone outside of Readup who takes a survey to find the ways in which the platform could be helpful to them.

      I think something that may be cool would be a tagging function, where any reader could tag an article, hopefully facilitating the ability to connect an article/discussion to other outside related articles/discussions and enriching the conversation. I don't know what it looks like, but users having an ability to bring the conversation beyond a linear set of comments under a single article could be helpful.