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    • thorgalle
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      3 months ago

      But I don’t know that these steps are enough to prevent Nintendo from throwing around its weight again, particularly when it comes to emulating the Nintendo Switch, its primary moneymaker.

      And I can also understand this. Emulating an active platform has always been a dubious idea, even immoral. Emulators provide a simple channel for pirated ROMs to be run, whether they want to or not. And in this case, such piracy is obviously damaging to the existing legal market.

      Putting aside legality, the moral argument for emulating old and inactive platforms is much stronger. The source article has an aside that covers the actual "collateral damage": Pizza Boy, DraStic are also making changes, as well as supporting libraries. It's sad that this scene is getting affected too. I hope it doesn't last.

      Nintendo is said to have hired from the scene for its own in-house emulation team, and Sony definitely did, hiring at least one developer of the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2 to bring PS2 games to PS4.

      Wow, I had no idea. This means publishers can benefit from "appropriating" & selling emulation, but in doing so, they make the sold games less abandoned, and more questionable to emulate 🤔