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    • erica3 years ago

      Such a fun read. I love apples! Interesting that crispness is more important than taste when it comes to apples - I never thought about it before but think it’s true for me as well. I was tickled to read about apples as intellectual property - as someone who worked in the patents department at Google, I think of hardware and software as IP but not fruit! It’s wild that the Honeycrisp was named one of 25 innovations that changed the world.

    • bill
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      3 years ago

      Repost. This article from 2011 keeps getting better and better as the SweeTango and Honeycrisp markets continue to expand. The Honeycrisps in bags at Trader Joe's are only slightly larger than golf balls, which freaks me out. It's good to know your apples.

    • bill
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      4 years ago

      Ok folks - we’ve got a GREATEST OF ALL TIME situation going on here.

      I think this article is absolutely perfect in every way. I remember exactly where I was when I first read it (in print, on a bus in San Francisco) and I think back to it every single time I stand in front of the apples at the grocery store. Re-reading it now, almost a decade later, was a pure delight. I remain obsessed with the Honeycrisp. And I still look out for SweetTangos, but they seem to have gone by the wayside.

      Read this within reach of an apple. You’ll want to give the calyx a sniff.

      You’ll never look at an apple the same way again.