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    • Alexa2 years ago

      yessss. The heat around the metaverse baffles me.

      It is the future as envisioned by someone with precious little imagination.

      Are we really so wrapped up by artificial scarcity that people are buying into this nonsense? Spoiler alert, yes.

      I'm not stoked about Meta. I want to predict it fails because VR is a sweaty, isolating nightmare, but i think that could be me projecting my own dislike for it. Maybe the rest of humanity is fine to shed the confines of meat space for meta.

      Its weird tho, is our world so bad that we have to shuck the physical & social pressures by playing pretend in a fake digital world? eek.

      • BillEnkey2 years ago

        Perhaps part of the difficulty of the "Metaverse" right now is considering who is in it - and not just the tech giants and billion dollar companies. My guess (based on my limited experience) would be that those that have relatively little human interaction are the ones in "the 'verse". If that's the case, then the normalization that comes from social interaction is missed and restructured in the virtual world. Hm. So, maybe more normal people need to get in there before it can't fail?