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    The CutRebecca Traister10/21/2138 min
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    The Cut
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    • Abarlet1 year ago

      I never really had any strong opinions about Katie Couric until recently I started reading excerpts from her new book. Blurbs published that seemed very un-Katie Couric -ish. Women referenced in her book trying to hold back the pain and hurt that her words had inflicted on them. That has caused some rethinking of having an opiniong about Katie Couric. The thing that bothers me most is lack of embracing other female colleagues. Females= the competition. Rather than partner, or mentor or heap praise on other women, Couric seems siloed in her own female, one-person show. It is shameful. And while I appreciate her honesty in exposing warts and all, her racist family ties, and editing of an RBG interview, I cannot get past her competitive nature with other women in the business. I'm glad I read this article about Katie Couric because I have no intent in putting money into her book.