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    • TripleG
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      3 years ago

      I was always amazed at the routine of the great football player Herschel Walker who ate only one meal a day. At 6 foot two and over 220 lbs,. his strength and stamina is unbelievable. Considered the greatest college football player of all time. He also excelled in track and field, 5th degree black belt martial arts, Olympic bobsleigh athlete, won back to back superstar competitions, and ballet dancer. And does 5000 pushups and sit-ups each week. The Big Meal certainly works for him.

    • benwhitelaw3 years ago

      The 'three meals a day' mantra has never sat well with me and, since living in West Africa — where eating one big meal a day is more common and the heat has affected my appetite —that feeling has only increased. The pandemic has clearly had the same affect for some people and this article is reassuring that I'm not alone in my scepticism about chowing down thrice a day.