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    The AtlanticBen Sasse5/31/2220 min
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    The Atlantic
    5 reads
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    • SEnkey6 months ago

      Only about one in eight Americans carries student-loan debt; of the $1.6 trillion or so of debt that students have racked up, 56 percent is held by white-collar workers with advanced degrees. About one-third is owed by the wealthiest 20 percent of households, and nearly two-fifths was acquired in pursuit of graduate credentials. The fact is, the typical student-debt holder is more likely to be white, is more educated, and has more earning potential than the median American.

      So true. Very few kids from my home town go to college, and most don't finish. I have seven siblings, three have been to college, I'm the only one to finish. Mostly because I married someone who could tell me how to do college and how to finish.

      The world I live in now takes it for granted that their loans should be forgiven and that college should be free. Maybe that is true, but it won't help the people from my home town. It isn't the price keeping them from going to and finishing college, it's many of the cultural and process challenges laid out by the author.