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    sungjwoo.medium.comSung J. Woo2/13/216 min
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    • monstertuck1 year ago

      I find that with older generations this question of dying alone through potential years of suffering from loneliness versus catching Covid and dying after 2 weeks of hell is a rather easy decision for them to make. Obviously I cannot put everyone into this category, but my grandmother is taking the former approach. I guess the nice thing is the autonomy that older generations have to make that choice for themselves. I wonder how it will impact children and younger generations that do not have the autonomy and clearly need social engagement for learning and development.

      I’m not sure there has ever been a moment in our lifetimes with such perplexing ethical and moral and even legal dilemmas that the entire world has has to confront.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      1 year ago

      This is spectacular!

      Sung, it is such an honor to have you on this platform.

      Your writing is stellar. And honest. And you don’t shy away from tough topics. Bold. This inspires me to write. We need more honest pandemic stories like this one! Keep writing! Hella 10.

      • sjwoo1 year agoWriter

        Thank you, Bill! The honor goes both ways. :)

    • sjwoo1 year agoWriter

      Shamefully shameless self promotion to the Readup community. :)

      • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

        Hmmm...something strange happening with the >pasted quotes from your writing in my reply to your comment. Never seen this before.

        • sjwoo1 year agoWriter

          Thanks so much for reading! Yeah, H-Mart is so good. The one in Edison, NJ has one of the better food courts I've seen -- I'm really looking forward to getting back there when things return to normal. :)

          • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

            The pizza place has changed names. When I lived there it was Mr. Pizza and now it is Koreatown Pizza. I prefer Mr. Pizza name. Omg I am drooling just thinking about the sweet potato in crust. The Best! Want one now. Lol.

      • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

        Sung, thank you So Much for Sharing this. It is healthy for All of Us in building Compassion and Empathy (no matter our different experiences and perspectives regarding this Wild time) to read and/or hear these stories.

        I applaud you and your Mother:

        One) for this wise Awareness ~

           > The only person who is able to answer this difficult question, of course, is my mother herself. 

        Two) for her wise Awareness ~

          > “I’m going to wait to get the vaccine,” she said. “A year, maybe. In case there are any bad reactions, you know. Let the eager ones sort things out.”

        Your love, care and concern shines through.

        Also, when I lived in Koreatown in L.a. back in 2016ish? I discovered H-Mart within walking distance and Loooved it. Also, I constantly ordered pizza from Delicious Korean Pizza chain that I am going blank on at the moment - also within walking distance.

        Look forward to more of your writing.

        1. Update (2/16/2021):

          Korean-American Pizza chain.

        2. Update (2/16/2021):

          Your love, care, concern and Respect Shines through.