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    Sports Illustrated7/1/1910 min
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    Sports Illustrated
    15 reads
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    • TinaCamera2 years ago

      This reeks of Jim Crow Laws. It's amazing how the system can be manipulated to serve the incredibly wealthy to the extent of licentious exclusivity that only belongs to the country's most elite.

      Golf courses are the worst. Malcolm Gladwell shares on his podcast 'History Revisionist' that golf courses are able to bypass taxes on land worth billions in some of the most densely populated and expensive areas in the country. Land that could serve as public space to benefit the masses. But who would want that when your wealthy ancestors geared the law to cater to later generations of elitists who can legally discriminate against women and minorities.

      I just had no idea it was so overt and specific in the Constitution re private membership clubs. A close look at the Constitution reveals what MAGA people really mean.

      • jeff
        Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeScoutScribe
        2 years ago

        Thanks for the podcast recommendation! I just listened to that episode and couldn't believe the property tax situation in California. I had also never heard of the "highest and best use" concept. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the series.

        I actually think the constitutional protection of private clubs and their right to discriminate is a good thing. This article focused on old racist golf clubs, but the First Amendment protection also enables associations for women, specific ethnic and religious groups and others to exist without being in violation of civil rights anti-discrimination laws.

        Similar to free speech, what people do with their constitutionally-granted rights isn't always going to be great but I think that freedom of expression and equal protection under the law are super important. And not just from a purely philosophical prospective. The tax exemptions afforded to the golf courses in CA are a great example of what happens when the rules aren't applied universally to everyone.

    • Abarlet2 years ago

      I was always impressed by some of the big golf names taking a stand and passing on major events held at clubs that continue to maintain policies of discrimination.

    • jamie2 years ago

      The BSA reference is troubling.

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      Interesting association between Wing and men only golf courses.

    • jbuchana2 years ago

      I too was reminded of the article about Wing. If they can be considered as a private membership club, they have every right then to disallow men. That was my gut feeling anyway, that there was nothing wrong with an association for women.

    • jeff
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      I was left with some questions about the legality of gender discrimination after reading about the Wing and their membership policy. This is a solid article that explains the differences between private clubs and places of public accommodation and what laws apply to which.

      • Alexa
        2 years ago

        Glad you tracked this down! Fascinating to see this unfold