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    Seeking Alpha
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    • erica3 years ago

      I'm just so excited to be reading articles like this about cannabis companies. People are taking the industry seriously.

      Of course, we cannot talk about cannabis without talking about social justice and the highly racialized history of cannabis in the U.S. In 2018, I attended the first ever cannabis conference held at a U.S. business school (Yale School of Management). In the U.S., 75-80% of cannabis arrests are people of color. Ebele Ifedigbo cofounded the Hood Incubator, a nonprofit focused on making sure black and brown communities are included in the industry. The communities devastated by the War on Drugs have taken the risks, so they should reap the rewards. Ebele said, “We’re not doing business as usual. We’re doing business better.” All of the speakers were excited to set a precedent for other industries to be oriented toward social justice. Shaping the cannabis industry offers the opportunity to change the rules of engagement for how business is done in the U.S., which is very exciting.

      Part of me wants to move to Canada and work in the legal cannabis industry.