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    • jamie2 years ago

      I watch every tennis match I possibly can. Seriously, everyday I watch or read up on tennis. I pay for the tennis channel bonus coverage ( mainly for the majors) So disappointed in what is going on,…. How did we get here!
      So unfortunate for players fans and the sport ….. then I watch the news and see what is happening to the Ukrainian people and tennis seems so silly.
      I am conflicted and very sad.

    • jamie2 years ago

      A very slippery slope. Possibly Wimbledon could reconsider it’s ban with a very bland statement from the players….. Something on the lines of the need to stop the senseless loss of life, on both sides…. But I do 100% agree if a Russian player defends the grotesque and inaccurate Russian talking points , than that player should be banned!

    • SEnkey2 years ago

      I agree with the author's overall point. That being said there is a lot of false equivalency here.

      The US of 2005 is in no real way comparable to the Russia of today. We had free and fair elections. Katrina was a many other natural disasters. While US troops did commit war crimes - they were prosecuted for it! War crime were and are not a policy or strategy of our military. We take them seriously and do a lot of training -based on the case studies from Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam/Korea - to avoid them. You don't hear about the looting of Baghdad like we are reading about the looting of Ukraine.

      Rant over.

      To keep players from competing to avoid an uncomfortable photo op...not a great look.

      • thorgalle
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        2 years ago

        Fair points!

    • Florian2 years ago

      Agree that this is the wrong way of handling this. Why not simply change the photo tradition if that’s such a problem?